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Archaeology is study of the past civilizations using artifacts and remains to identify their features. Archaeology can identify cultures by traditions, common beliefs and language. Archaeologist studies artifacts by digging or excavate them up with fragile brushes and shovels.

Artifacts are objects made or modified by humans and is a symbol of history from the people of the past. For example left behind structures, written language and pottery. But remains of bodies are not artifacts because they were not used by humans for purposes.

Incredible Discoveries!


There are many things that Archaeologists unleashed from the earth's crust that is mysteries and sometimes unknown. Did you that archaelogists found Greman guns from World War ll by medal detecting, and they have found lost gold jewelry from the Aztecs? Its incredible what you can find from people who pasted on remains, to the future that makes a symbol of history.

What is Archaeology?

Tenochtitlan was a famous ancient temple that was ruled over a mexican empire. Another well known ruin that was left behind was the Great Pyrmaids of Giza. They were used as tombs for sacrafice and after life for kings and queens. There are so many more famous ruins but such few are easy to explain.

Famous Dwellings or Ruins



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