Aral Sea

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Aral Sea

Aral Sea

Overview: The Aral Sea started to shrink in 1960 when water was diverted from the inland Aral Sea and its rivers to be used for irrigation purposes. This lead to the salty desert that once was the 4th largest freshwater lake.

Economic Problem: - This disaster has lead the area's fishing indstry, which provided work for over 60,000 people, into ruins.- 20 to 50% reduction of crop yield makes it harder for farmer to sell crops.

Ecological Problem: - About half of the area's mammel and bird species has disappered- The wind blows the salty dust from the exposed lake bed and blows it onto field. The salt kills crops, contaminate surface and groundwater, and kill wildlife.- The area's climate has changed because the sea moderated the summer's heat and the winter's extreme cold. Now there is less rain, the summers are hotter and drier, winters are colder, and the growing season is shorter.

Health Problem: These health problems occur at a higer rate since toxic dust, salt, fertilizers, and pesticides has contaminated the watershed for over 58 million people.- Hepatitis- Typhoid Fever- Arthritic Disease- Kidney & Liver Disease- Throat Cancer- Eye Diseases- Respiratory illness- Anemia- Tuberculosis- And Infant Mortality

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To fix this problem, it is said that 25-50 billon dollars to refill the Aral Sea and turn it into a place for fishing and agriculture. They would have to make two canals to drain water from Volga and Ob river into Aral Sea and that could take between 25 and 50 years.


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