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Aracely's Glog

Ponyboy reminds me of staying gold because he always did. He would watch sunsets and read books.Ponyboy realy didn't care what others thought about doing those things.He did all those things he wanted to do while he still had a chance.

Staying Gold


Johnny is a good example of frienship because he was a realy good friend.He didn't judge Ponyboy for liking sunsets.He watched them with him.He didn't judge Ponyboy on reading books eather because he read them with him.Everyone likedJohnny because he was respectfull like every good friend should be.When he died, he told Ponyboy to stay gold.He knew it was important to stay gold because it keeps you happy.

Darry is an example of social ostracism to me because he didn't realy deserve to be with all those other greasers.He could have gotten a good education and a good job but he didn't for the sake of his brothers.I think he is a good part of the group,but maybe in his mind he believes that he doesn't deserve to be there.


Social Ostracism



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