Arabian Peninsula´s Survival

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Arabian Peninsula´s Survival

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Arabian Peninsula's SurvivalGuide For Dummies

The desert's temperature changes quickly, so be sure to dress for blistering heat and bitter cold. The best thing to do when living in the desert is to be a nomad, and move on when the vegetation has been consumed by the animals. Don't forget to pack extra water.

An Oasis is a probably the best place to stay in the Arabian Peninsula, it has fertile lands, water and plants. In this enviornment you should probably settle down and start some farms, trade a bit and build a well or two.

The mountains here are 1,000 to 12,000 feet high and get about 20 inches of rain a year. It's elevation keeps the mountain cool, so you probably don't have to dress too warmly or for hot areas like in the desert. If you want to live here, then you should build a mud-brick house and make terraces for farming. The terrace walls keep the water from running of the sides of the mountain.

The coastal plains in the Arabian Peninsula reach inland between 5 and 40 miles, but you'll know you're at the end when you find rocky cliffs. Much like the oases the coastal plains are suitable for farming and has traders in it. If you end up settling here you should create wells and dams to irrigate the land and build canals and reservoirs to conserve rainwater.

Coastal Plains




All you need to know to survive the Arabian Peninsula

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