Arab Springs

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Arab Springs

In early 2011, the Arab Spring spread across the middle east, which was a series of anti- government protests, uprisings, and armed rebellions. The Arab Spring was caused by many things. They were unemployment, ageing dictators, corruption, national apeal, leaderless revolt, social media, rallying call of the mosque, bundled state response, and the contagion affect.

The Future

December 17,2010: Protest began in TunisiaJanuary 14, 2011: Tunisian President toppledJanuary 25, 2011: Decent spreads to EgyptFebruary 3, 2011: Discontent in YemenFebruary 11, 2011:Mubarak Steps DownFebruary 14, 2011: Violence in BahrarnFebruary 15, 2011: Unrest in Libia March 5, 2011: Libyan Rebels Assert ControlMarch 16, 2011: Syrians Rise UpMrch 17, 2011: No Fly Zone For LybiaJune 3, 2011: Yemeni President Leaves CountryAugust 3, 2011Mubarak Goes on TrialAugust 21, 2011: Libyan Rebels Enter TripoliOctober 20, 2011: Gadhafi KilledOctober 23, 2011: Tunisians VoteNovemeber 23, 2011: Yeme's President ResignsNovember 23, 2011: Report Finds Abuses in BahrainNovember 28, 2011: Egyptians Go To The PolesDecember 12, 2011: Syrian Dead Estimated At 5,000

Around the world the future of Arab Springs in called the "seven pillars of the Arab Future. The first pillar is economic growth and equality. The second pillar is education reform. The third pillar is security sector reform. The fourth pillar is transitional justice. The fifth pillar is decentralization. The sixth pillar is regional norms. The seventh pillar is pluralism.

The Effects

The effects of the Arab Springs was the end of unnacountable governments, the explosion of political activity, instability meaning the Islamic secular divide, conflict and civil war, the sunni and shia tension, and economic uncertainty.

Role of Technology

Well Facebook and Twitter had helped the Arab Springs blossom. But the actual role of technology played was security services in Bahrain, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria observed how democratic advocates were using social media, so they came up with strategies that allowed them to surveille, mislead, and entrap protesters.

Arab Springs

What It Was and The Cause


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