Arab-Israeli Conflict

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Arab-Israeli Conflict

One can argue that this is the UN’s fault for not stepping in sooner, or Israel’s fault for not taking it upon themselves, or that it is the Palestinians fault for continuing to loathe the Israelis. Regardless, the point is someone should have done something sooner.

Arab-Israeli Conflict-Who's fault is it?

Interesting Fact . Some may argue that the whole thing is the Israelis fault because none of this would’ve happened if they hadn’t declared independence in the first place. But The United States declared independence from Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War, and after the US won Great Britain forgave them quickly. Now America and Great Britain are close allies and partners. This still has not happened with the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Dates of Significance:-Establishment of PLO in 1964-The Six Day War (1967)-UN Resolution 242 (1967)-The October War (1973)-The 1982 Lebanon War

It all started when Israel declared indepedndence and started The War of 1948


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