Ara Pacis Augustae

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Ara Pacis Augustae

Ara Pacis"Altar of Peace"



Fun Facts

-- Considered one of the most important monuments in Rome-- Represents the peace and prosperity from the time period known as the Pax Romana (Roman Peace) -- First sculptures weren't discovered till the 16th centurybecause it was under layers upon layers of dirt

- Take a left out of Piazza Venezia on to Via del Plebiscito- It will then turn into Corso Vittorio Emanuele II - Take a right once you hit the cannal onto Lungotevere Tor di Nona- Take your first left after passing a bridge onto the second bridge- Take a left off the bridge and take aright onto Via Crescenzio- Take a right onto Lungotevere dei Mellini and you will see it on your right.

Originally name Ara Pacis Augustae after the Emperor Augustus. It was consecrated in 9 BC. It was commissioned by Augustus to celebrate his victories at Hispania and Gaul. It was originally located on the Campus Martius in the flood plain of the Tiber river. It was placed in such a way that the shadow of the obelisk on the Campus Martius would fall on the Ara Pacis on the birthday of Emperor Augustus.


The altar complex consisted of an interior altar surrounded by a stone wall. The whole thing was raised on a marble base with steps leading into the space. Both the altar proper and its enclosing structure were heavily ornamented with relief carving. On either sides of the wall, they are seen as dipictions of the founding fathers, Romulus, and Aeneas. These are seen as the prototypes to Augustus himself.

Current Estate

The building was well preserved over the years so not much renevation was done. All that was done was that Architect Richard Meier made it into a museum, and put many related thing around the main focus which was the Ara Pacis. So, it should be preserved because it is an important part of history and there was not much needed to preserve it.


-- Outer Scolpted wall is 34 feet 5 inches.-- 38 feet wide-- 23 feet high


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