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Paid vacation & sick days, medical coverage, tuition reimbursement, & pension plan.


Getting cuts, bites, and stings from the animals.


first aid, SCUBA, CPR, DAN O2 provicer, coast guard safe boating course, marine biology, invertebrate zoology, ecology, genetics, animal nutrition, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, behavioral biology, parasitology, aquaculture, physics, chemistry, geometry, algebra, statisics, managment training, shop class, plumbing, design.

Basic Courses required

Bachelor of science degree in marine biology, zoology, aquaculture, or a closly related area. Scuba diving in certification also required as well as first aid and CPR.


Job Requirements

Chemistry, Physics, Oceanography, MarineBiology, Mathmatics and Statistics, WaterQuality, and Fluid Dynamics.

Related Careers

Marine Mammel Trainer, Marine Biologist, Fish & Game Warden,Ichthyologist, Aquaculture Farmer,Wildlife Veterinarian.

Aquarists need to provide daily attention to the plantand animal life in the aquarium.

Typical Work Day/Week


Entry Level - $15,600 yearly - $7.5 hourlySome Experience - $18,100 yearly - $8.7 hourlyExtensive Experience- $22,800 yealry - &10.9 hourly

Eric Borneman, TakashiAmano, and Colin Clarke.

Famous Scientist/Aquarists

Having an educational backround and proven experience in caring for fish in different environments can help you advance.

Job Outlook

Closest job offered is inMinneapolis, MN

Jobs in the Area

Job Description

A person who feeds, moniters, and cares for the aquatic animals. They may keep records of feedings, treatments, and animals recieved or discharged. They might clean, disinfect, moniter water qualit, and design or build exhibits.

Nicole Joy Achenbach


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