April Newsletter

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April Newsletter

This article discusses tools and best practices for assigning digital poster-making projects to students.BY KEVIN HODGSON

Glogster EDU Pen Pal project in the news!

introduction for #edtech20 curator and semantic project in XXI Century Education launch in apri

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We value your contributions and feel that a re-investment in your professional development will make this an even stronger community. We have a limited number of ISTE Registration Scholarships available for my wonderful Ambassadors. You must be active in the Network. Registration is easy. Please submit a request to your Ambassador Manager and let her know what this scholarship would mean to you. You also need to agree to a commit to assist us while at the conference. Please let me know ASAP and awards notices will be made on May 1.

DEN March Madness Mashup Winner is Glogster EDU!

Why We Love Glogsterthe Edmoto Blog

Presenting Tips:*When presenting, always use EDU Premium*Always mention the Ambassador Program*Use your dashboard to send out special trials


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