April 15

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April 15

April 15, 2010

April 20 - Third grade musical downtown, report cards go homeApril 22 - Last day to send in plastic bags

Students made a glog to go with their research paper. Check out the links on!

Watch this rap about decimals!

Start reviewing for the SOLs in MAY! Use the links on to start.

MondayReading: read 30 minutes of ARWW: 14AMath: see agendaTuesdayReading: read 30 minutes of ARWW: 14BMath: see agendaWednesdayReading: read 30 minutes of ARWW: 14CMath: see agendaThursdayReading: read 30 minutes of ARWW: study for spelling test Lesson 14Math: see agendaSS: study Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln for small quiz



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