Appreciating Haworth

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Appreciating Haworth

Please observe the ruins beside the Brontë Way and the countless sheep that dot the moors in Yorkshire. The stone wall in the distance parallels the Brontë trail, one that possesses a small loop at the end so as not to completely retrace your steps. My friend and I ended up missing the loop and having a glorious nine-mile+ hike over rocks, sheep scat, and heather.

The view from the top of HaworthVillage shows the striking scenery of the town which is surrounded by the natural beauty of the English moors.

After disembarking from the Keighley andWorth Valley Railway, visitors to Haworth mustascend this steep lane before relaxing in a pub on the Main Street.

This four-legged patron of The Fleece, a superior pub on Haworth's main street, appreciated the excellent food as much as I did. He did not, however, partake of the delicious Landlord Ale.

Half of the fun of visiting Haworth is the journey there. Take a refurbished steam engine from Bradford and enjoy the ride.All of the people that run the railway are enthusiastic volunteers.

The bridge at Brontë Falls

Journey to Haworth;birthplace of the Brontës'

The "Wuthering Heights" pub, in the nearby village of Stanbury, welcomes both those who've crossed the moors and their furry friends.

Emily, the strangest & most enigmatic child of the Brontë family, is arguably the most brilliant. Her poetry is considered great by many literary critics. Here, her most famous lines: "No Coward Soul is Mine."

Top Withens--the inspiration for the blustery setting of Wuthering Heights?


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