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Seattle: Grandpa's "Place"What? So What? Now What?

First GlanceOur attention is drawn to the brightest area in the image: the white toppling pile of unopened mail on the table, then to the top of the grandfather’s head, then to the light fixture in the mirror above the grandfather’s head. The mood may be lonely because the three people seem disconnected: grandfather is eating alone; the girl is angled away from him, looking at her hands; the young man (seen in the mirror) is taking the photograph. No one is speaking. Questions come to mind: Is she his granddaughter? A homecare worker? Why isn’t she eating with him? Why isn’t she sorting his mail? Where is the grandmother? Has she passed away?

Sample Response to Text:Theme: Perhaps a message about the human condition in the photo in "Seattle: Grandpa's Place" is this: Sometimes there is a sadness associated with old age and having to adjust to a life of depending on others and living with loss.Relevance and Importance: Aging is an issue that will eventually impact all of us. We will watch our grandparents and parents get old and pass away, and we will have to deal with getting older ourselves. The photo, “Seattle: Grandpa’s Place”, is a good reminder that the elderly sometimes struggle with loneliness and loss, and we need to do what we can to take care of them, connect with them, and remind them that they are loved and supported.

So What?


Sample Personal ResponseI personally connect to this photograph because it reminds me of my beloved Grandma Jensen who is getting older and struggles to take care of her home. I notice the peeling paint when I walk up to her front door, and I see the empty fridge in her kitchen. Grandpa Jensen passed away two years ago, and while I know Grandma struggles with loneliness, everyone is so busy. It’s hard for me to visit as often as she would like, and when I actually do visit, I admit it sometimes gets boring listening to the same old stories so much, but I love her and want to spend time with her.

Now What?


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