Applying the Knowledge Processes

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Applying the Knowledge Processes


Experiencing: The brainstorm- The brainstorm is a opportunity for students to think about what they know and understand about the stock market. The new: To intorduce the new topic to students connect what they already know about the stock market with the video.

Conceptualising: Glossary table: In the video from the new experiencing part of the knowledge processes students look at a lot of defenitions. Ask students to create a glossary of the defenitions of things, sort out the main important parts and classify different defenitions.

Analysing: Pose students with the question why did today the share price in apple fall by 2 cents and yesterday the share price in apple increase by 2 cents. This will get students to have to summarise and think about the concept of moving share prices.

Applying: Asx stock market game: Students here are asked to take the new information which they've learnt about the stock market and appropiately apply the information to the game. The game gives students the ability to


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