Applying the four knowledge processes

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Applying the four knowledge processes

All students learn in varying ways, which requires teachers to apply multi-modal teaching strategies and the knowledge processes to engage learners.

Analysing:Functionally:Students will pair up and create a story map followed by an individual recount drawn in comic or cartoon form.Critically:Students will answer and discuss the deeper meanings of a text in written form and share them with the class.

Applying the four knowledge processes

Experiencing:The known:Students take part in the hot potato activity in which information about 'The Hobbit' is brainstormed.The new:Students will be shown the YouTube trailer for the movie, then engage in an in-class discussion and summary of the plot.

Plot-profileCharacter analysis

Story mapCritical analysis

Conceptualising:By name:Students create a plot-profile of the first chapter of the 'The Hobbit' to benefit the categorisation of information.With theory:Students will complete a character analysis chart to help solidify the beginnings of the plot.

Applying:Appropriately:Students will complete an essay focusing predominantly on narrative conventions apparent throughout chapter one of the novel.Creatively:Students will create a brief narrative, an alternate version of the first chapter written from a new perspective of their personal choice.

Formal essayWritten narrative


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