Application of Knowledge Processes - Jae gyun Park

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Application of Knowledge Processes - Jae gyun Park

AnalysingWhat is it?Learning by 'Functionally', and 'Critically' analysing.How does it apply?Functionally:- What happens to the pronunciation if they are put together? e.g. Kyou (Today)Critically:- When do you say certain greetings?e.g. Hello

ConceptualisingWhat is it?Learning by understanding the 'concept', an abstract idea, and deriving 'theory', mix of concepts; supposed explanation.How does it apply?Vowels in Japanese,A, I, U, E, O,doesn't change whatever consonants there may be. Therefore, by saying different words with different consonants, students may form their own theorye.g.Su Shi

Application of Knowledge Processes- How does it apply to Japanese Class?Teaching Literacy in Secondary Education


Pronunciation ' Greetings

ExperienceWhat is it?Learning by connecting 'The Known' and 'The New' informations.How does it apply?Teaching Greetings, teacher may ask students what they say when they wake up, the known, then connecting it Japanese greeting.

Like this!

ApplyingWhat is it?Learning by applying what have been learnt 'Appropriately', and 'Creatively'.How does it Apply?Appropriately:Pronunciatione.g. Pronounce these words- Ringo (Apple)- Hon (Book)...- GreetingsCreativelyGreetingse.g. Make a story, starting with one character, using all the greetings, ending with every team in the story.


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