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Even Beyonce eats apples

Apples can make you skinnierWomen who ate a cup of dried apples daily for a year lost some weight and lowered their cholesterol and heart disease markersRunning late?Get an apple 4 grams per apple95 caloriesThey also are a good source of immune-boosting vitamin CEating an apple before you work out may boost your exercise endurance.

Vampirl Apple Smiles

Caramel apples

Apple chips are more healthy!!

They can even be fun snacks

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1) Archeologists have found evidence that humans have been enjoying apples since at least 6500 B.C.2) It takes energy from 50 leaves to produce one apple.3) The old saying "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away" comes from am old English adage, To eat an apple before going to bed, will make the doctor beg his bread.


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Fun facts about Apples


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