Appeal to Common Practice

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Appeal to Common Practice

Example from a Professional: Director Jones is in charge of running a state waste management program. When it is found that the program is rife with corruption, Jones says ''This program has it's problems, but nothing goes on in this program that doesn't go on in all state programs''. (The Nizkor Project, 1991-2012)

Appeal to Common Practice

Formula-X is a common action.-Therefore X is correct/moral/justified/resonable.

fallacies area mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound argument.MoreLOGICa failure in reasoning that renders an argument invalid.faulty reasoning; misleading or unsound argument.

My example... Everyone procastinates, so it's okay to do everything last minute.

By: Anaidaly Alcala

Fun Facts:

Everyone does it.

People in Hollywood do it! I should eat that too.


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