Appalachian Region

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Appalachian Region

What Provinces are Located in this Landform Region?

Terrain and type ofrock located in this region.

The Appalachian mountains where formed when two large plates of the earths crust collided with one another . this caused them to bend folding the earths surface upwards to form mountains. Over the years these mountains have rounded due to ice glaciers and water.

The Appalachian landform regioncontains of several different provinces. It covers New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labradour and even a small piece of southern Quebec.


Appalachian Information

How where the Appalachians Formed?

The Appalachian landform regionterrain consists of low mountains and hills, uplands ,and lowlands and plains. The type of rock found in this region is sedimentary rock


The southern areas including New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and P.E.I are covered by mixed forest witch has both coniferous and deciduous forest. Dense boreal forest covers the northern part of Gaspé Peninsula in quebec and much of Newfoundland. These forests are mostly coniferous. Southern Newfoundland consists of mix forest and bare rocky ground


Things to do and places to go.

Halifax is located on the shore of the atlantic ocean. This severly affects the weather and climate of this city. Winter temperatures are higher and summer temperatures are lower than those encountered in towns farther inland. Halifax has an eastern-maritime climate, with a short, warm summer and a cold winter. Disturbed, changeable weather is common throughout the year.Snow depths of greater than 1 cm are seen on about 85 days each year in Halifax.

Here in the Appalachian landform region there are many fun activites to participate in and many beautiful sights to see. for example if your looking to have some fun, I would recommend the cavendish beaches of P.E.I or even more extreme activites like kayaking, wind surfing, hiking, skiing, and even snowmobiling. Also come look at some of our most famous monuments like the perce rock, the hopewell rocks, peggys cove, cabot trail and even watch the icebergs slowly move off the coast of Newfoundland.


Help wanted!!!In the Appalachian region the are plenty of jobs in the farming,fishing and forestry industrys.

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