Appalachian Region

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Appalachian Region

(A natural resource is a material found in nature that is used by people to make life easier and more enjoyable). Some of the natural resources in the Appalachian region are fish, fruits, grains, copper, silver, lead, salt, fertile soil, ore, iron, trees, oats, zinc, oil, potatoes, gold, coal, gypsum, lobster, crab, mussels and other seafood. The most important natural resources are coal and fish. Mining was very common long ago and that grew the population. The industry had so many coal it would provide that job for anyone who needed it. Fish is also a very important resource because fishing is the biggest industry and lot's of fish from Canada comes from the Appalachian region since it is by the Atlantic Ocean. The Appalachian region is also known for the type of fish, cod because it is very populated there.

Natural Resources


(An industry is the production of a good or service within an economy). The industries are farming, forestry, tourism, mining and fishing. Fishing is very important to this region because it is very close to the Atlantic Ocean which is a great place for this industry. Over the years, too many cod have been caught since 1497 so, the Canadian Government banned fishing. That lead to people losing jobs and communities protesting to fish.

Bodies of Water

The Atlantic Ocean is very important to the Appalachian because it provides food, jobs and a means of transpotation. Many communities are located in sheltered inlets and bays, which make good harbours.There are very high tides in the Bay of Fundy located by New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.Weirs are netting wood and are like underwater mazes that Acadians used to fish along the shores of Bay of Fundy. In case you didn`t know, Acadians are French-speaking descendants of the early French settlers in Acadia. The weirs would be covered in water when a tide came in so when the fish came, they would be stuck and scooped out.Rivers were very important to the settlement of the Appalachian region because it was a great source of food and a travel route.

Gypsum is the mineral shown.

Coal is shown in this picture.

Cod was fished in this picture.

In this picture it shows fruit.

These video's represent the Appalachian region.

A fishing boat is going to catch some fish in this picture.

This picture shows farming being done in the fields.

Interesting FactsDid you know that The Grand Banks, off the coast of Newfoundland, is the foggiest place on Earth?Did you know that about half of the potatoes grown in Canada comes from Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick?Did you know that today, one-third of the world's fish comes from the Appalachian region?Did you know that the world's largest lobster ever "lives" in Shediac, New Brunswick, but doesn't breathe? It's 35 feet long , 15 feet high and weighs 90 tons! It would make a perfect tourist attraction and plus, you can climb on him!Did you know St. John's is the oldest city in North America? The oldest street in North America ( still located in St. John's) is the Water Street.

GlossaryEconomy- the wealth and resources in an area such as a province or country.Gypsum- a soft mineral used to make drywall and strengthen concrete.Harbours - sheltered areas of deep water where ships can dock.Weir- a method of trapping fish, using netting or wood to build and underwater maze.

Here are some weirs made by Acadians.

Here is the harbour by Newfoundland.


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