[2015] Kristina Lorković: Appalachian region project

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[2015] Kristina Lorković: Appalachian region project





industry and natural resources

Appalation region is interesting because the summers could either be cool or warm and rainy. In Appalachian region the precipitation ranges from around 1100 mm to 1400 mm every year. The winters there are brutal. The winds in the winter reach up to 100 km per HOUR!!! That's crazy.

My Appalachian Region Project

By: Kristina

In Appalachian region trees grow very slow. The reason is because the soil there is not the best and the climate is harsh. Coniferous trees grow in more of the higher areas.

Appalachian region is part of a low range of mountins. Erosion happens in Appalachian region because waves, ocean currents and tides erode the cliffs and beaches. An ocean current is a stream of moving water within a larger body of water. Tides are the level of water caused by the pull of the moons gravity.

Appalachian region is home to many mammals such as...white-tailed deer, fox, snowshoe hare, coyote, mink, otter, muskrat, porcupine, beaver and raccoon. This area has been one of the richest ocean fishing grounds in the world. they hve around 15 different fish living there such as...cod, salman, pollock, halibut, herring, swordfish, sole, flounder and much more.

Appalachian region has been knowen for its coal minesand fishing. Most of the coal mines have been closed as thecosts to operate them became greater. Some fishing industriesbecame weaker because of ocean life that died.