Appalachian Folk Music

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Appalachian Folk Music

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Immigrants from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales brought their musical traditions with them to the new world. Often passed down by the female members of the family, many old songs were preserved in the remote regions of the southern Appalachian mountains where these groups settled.

Instruments found in Appalachian Folk Music:Fiddle, banjo, guitar, dulcimer, mandolin, and a variety of percussion instruments. Instruments were often homemade or purchased through mail-order catalogs.

Types of SongsBallads: Often played unaccompianied or sparsely so, these narrative songs often told of real-life events or fictional stories. One of the oldest and most well-known ballads is Barbara Allen, which dates to the 1660's.Dance Tunes: Derived from forms such as Irish reels and often played with a fiddle, these types of songs were heard at get togethers of family, neighbors and communities.

While the folk music of Southern Appalachia was at its core British, it also incorporated influences from a wide variety of ethnic groups, traveling shows and pop culture that the settlers came in contact with.

The Appalachian Mountains stretch from the southern part of New York State to the northern parts of Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.

Appalachian Folk Music

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