Appalachian Culture

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Appalachian Culture

The Appalachian Region includes parts of thirteen different states. The only state located entirely in the Appalachian Region is West Virginia. Appalachian people are known for their values. and religious beliefs. Diversity plays a strong role in Appalachian culture . Appalachian people were very isolated due to the mountainious region. They were isolated physically, socially, and culturally.


Traditional Appalachian music comes from the anglo-celtic folk ballads and instrumental dance tunes. Appalachian music can be found in many types of music including: bluegrass, ballad singing, blues, early country music, gospel, mountain swing, and old time. Doc Watson was a famous musician known for developing Appalachian music. Others include: Etta Baker, Charlie Poole, and Earl Scruggs.




Appalachian Life

The Napier Family


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