Apostles of Liberty

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Apostles of Liberty

Apostles of Liberty

1689- The Act of Toleration is passed, granting Anglican dissenters the right to preach if they obtained special licences from colonial authorities. Seperate Baptists believed it was a god given right to preach and did not follow the act.

1767- John Waller is baptized and becomes a Seperate Baptist Preacher.

1768- John Waller, along with 4 other men are arrested in Spotsyvania, V.A for publicly preaching their faith without a licence.

1768- 43 days after Waller's arrest, he and his fellow preachers are released.

1771- John Waller is taken off stage while preaching and is beaten by the Anglican minister of the parish, his clerk, and the sheriff. Waller continues to preach, bloody and whipped.

1786- The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom becomes law, granting the freedom to worship to all of Virginia's citizens.

1788- Many states impose tests that require individuals who want to hold public office or practice law to say that they are Christian.

1791- Religious freedom is stated in the first amendment in the U.S Constitution.

1817- Christian state legislator Thomas Kennedy pushes for religious freedom is office by introducing a bill in which is later rejected and leads to Kennedy being kicked out of office for being an "enemy of Christianity."

1825- Thomas Kennedy returns to office and reintroduces his bill. The bill is finally passed, allowing all religions to hold public office and practice law in the United States.

Wisconsin V. YoderThe United States Supreme Court found that Amish children should be educated past the 8th grade level even if it goes against their religion. It was outweighted by the parent's fundamental rights of the freedom of religion and the supreme court alowed the families to follow their religion.


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