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ApolloThe God of Sun and Fun

Apollo and his twin sister Artemis were both well known for their good looks and youthful appearance

Apollo shooting a silver arrow from his signature bow

Apollo playing his Lyre

Healing:Apollo can cause and prevent disease for people with his silver arrowsIliad:He infected the Greek encampment with a plague and aided Paris in killing AchillesMurders:Accidently killed his best friend Hyacinthus and he also killed the cyclops

Parents:Apollo was the son of Leto the Titan and Zeus. Hera was mad and did not want her to give birth to him and his twin, so she went away and gave birth.Sun: Apollo controlled a 4 horse chariot that moved the sun across the sky.Music:He plays the lyre, which is like a harp, Apollo also directs the muses choir

Apollo was the god of:MusicSunHealingDance

Apollo controlled a four horse chariot which pulled the sun across the sky

Apollo had many love affairs with women and he once had a child with Hecuba, who was married to the king of Troy.

Apollo's symbol was a bow and arrow and he used it to prevent and cause disease


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