Apollo XIII / Sample

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Apollo XIII / Sample

Apollo XIII

Ex luna, scientia

Time Line

Apr. 11

Launch from Kenedy Space Center

The Apollo XIII launch went off without a hitch. Sometimes rockets are hit by lightning during their launch.

The #2 oxygen tank in the service module exploded — on the way to the Moon. (There is no way to turn around in space...)

When the astronauts splashed down they were safe and healthy. Well, almost healthy... Haise was severely dehydrated because the crew had run out of water earlier in the day.

In order to get enough speed to get back to Earth, the astronauts need to "slipgshort" around the Moon.

They went around the Moon and were in communication blackout while on the far side — no radio signal coould go around the Moon.

Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert, and Fred Haise were not the original crew selection for Apollo XIII. (Swigert was actually the 3rd team.)

Apr. 12

Houston, we have a problem...

Apr. 13

Using the Lunar Module as a lifeboat.

Apr. 14

Apr. 17

The dark side of the Moon



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