Apollo Fanfare

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Apollo Fanfare

Born: October 24, 1958Where: Daleville, AlabamaCollege: Troy State UniversityCollege Band Instrument: TrumpetEducation: Bachelor of Music Education Master's Media Writing & ProductionPublished Works: Over 700Robert W. Smith is one of the most popular and recognized composers of concert band and orchestral literature today. He writes music for symphonies and marching bands. His compositions have been performed throughout the world by military, university, high school and middle school bands. His songs have been heard at the Macy's Parade, Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus and the Olympic games.

Apollo FanfareBy: Robert W. Smith

Fun Facts

YouTube7th Grade Performance


Similar Composers& Pieces

• Written in 2002 as a concert opener or closer for young beginning bands • Has two main melodies: 1. Fanfare – Short, loud and lively tune played on brass instruments 2.Lyrical – Smooth, beautiful to create emotion• Song has a repeating pattern that can be played at different tempos to create energy and excitement• The timpani at the beginning and midway through make the song sound powerful and majestic• The piece was named after the Greek god of prophecy and music – Apollo• Robert W. Smith dedicated this song to the future of student musicians

Albany Fanfare by William Owens Strong brass at the beginning with timpani

Olympia by Brian Balmages Powerful timpani at the opening with triangle, then brass joins to create a Royal Grand entrance feeling. Both Brian Balmages and Robert W. Smith received their master's degree at the University of Miami in Florida.


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