Aphrodite Scrapbook

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Aphrodite Scrapbook

I am so beautiful that all of the gods fight over who gets to marry me!

Aphrodite Goddess of Love and Beauty

Aphrodite +HephaestusAres

The one Zeus made me marry.

The one I WANTED to marry!

Things to know about Aphrodite:1. She rose from the sea, and is the only goddess without a mother or father. 2. She is the goddess of Love and beauty. 3. Her Roman name is Venus.4. She is married to the ugly god of fire, Hephaestus because Zeus was afraid the gods would fight over her. 5. She has a son named Eros, or Cupid. 6. She really really liked Ares, the god of war better. 7. There are many famous paintings and statues done in honor of me.

The Venus de Milo

Aphrodite's Rock in Cyprus, Greece: My legendary birthplace!


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