Apache Native American

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Apache Native American

The Apache:Native Peopleof the Southwest

Historical Apache Territory

Modern Apache Reservations

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The Old Meets the New

Overview of theApache People

Traditional Apache Dance

Geronimo, a great Apache chief!

The sounds of the Apache song can give usa great appreciation for the Apache culture.

The Apache tribes lived in the area that is now the American Southwest including parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. This area spans a variety of terrain including grassy plains, desert, and mountainous regions. This meant that they had to develop different methods of survival especially in the case of their housing. The Apache of the Great Plains were nomadic and therefore needed more mobile housing so they lived in the iconic Teepee. For those that lived in the more mountainous regions, a wickiup was the housing of choice. A wickiup is a wooden framed dwelling tied together using fibers from yukka plants. Lastly, the Apache who lived in the desert climates, especially in northern Mexico and southern New Mexico and Arizona, lived in hogans. Hogans are earthen dwellings that keep the heat out during the heat of the day due to their thick clay and dirt walls.

Apache Life

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