[2015] Garrison Gibson: apache lexi and garrison

by mitkoff
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Social Studies
American History

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[2015] Garrison Gibson: apache lexi and garrison

Apache women wore buckskin dresses and the men wore leather shirts and breechcloths. below you will see a decorated leather shirt that the warriors wore for war.

Other tribes found in the desert southwest are the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni tribes.

Apache tribe

This legendary battle club is called the jaw club. The Apache also used yucca root to weave baskets, and beads to decorate clothing and artfacts.

The Apache tribe tamed wolfs and horses and used them as pack animals.

This the young leader of the Apache tribe,Geronimo.While the apache was fighting the U.S. navy, Geronimo was one of the last to surrender

Apache are natives to Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. The environment is usually dry and flat which forced them to be creative with their recources.

The Apache tribe lived in small domes called wickiups. Wickiups are made of wooden frames coverd by matted brush and sometimes bufalo hide tarp.



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