[2015] Kim Alex (Monday Spring 2015): Apache Indians

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[2015] Kim Alex (Monday Spring 2015): Apache Indians

The Apache Indians, orginally from Alaska, inhabited both sides of the Rio Grande in the Southwest portion of the United States. They were a nomadic people who lived mostly off of the ranging buffalo herds. Fighting off and on through the years, these groups eventually started to battle with the Spaniards in the 1730's. Close to fifteen years later agreements were made for disputed land, and a sort of peace prevailed. The Apache started to form good relationships with white settlers, but the peace did not last.

1500- Apache leave Canadian regions1598 - First called "Apache"1849 - Start of the Apache Wars1861 - Apache uprising1863 - Capt. Thomas Roberts attack at Apache Pass1879 - Victorio's resistance1881-85 - Geronimo resistance1924 - End of the Apache Wars

The Apache Wars

The Apache Indians



A Quick Story

The Apache Wars are most likely the largest and most important event in the Apache tribe’s long history. The first acts of the Apache Wars were in 1849, and the fighting did not completely end until 1924. This is what historians refer to as a really freaking long time. Its origins started a year before the first conflict (which is to say, 1848, which you would know if you were paying attention) when Mexico gave up some land to America. Therefore, the Native Mexicans had become Native Americans and therefore the population had become rather larger than expected when it came time to expand the American borders. This fighting lasted for quite a while (another technical historian term). After the formation of the Confederate States of America, they took up the fight against the Apache before being distracted by the slightly more pressing American Civil War. The Apaches of course did not succeed in defending their lands, but were mainly still in it for spite until they finally stopped attacking American forces.

The Resistance and Geronimo

Kim & Alex



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