[2015] taryn boonpongmanee: Apache

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[2015] taryn boonpongmanee: Apache

Intresting FactsThe Apache were nomads. Nomads are people who move from place to place in food or a better climate. Also the Apache became warlike. They invaded their neighbors for food, livestock, and weapons. The Apache became the most feared tribe in the Southwest.

ShelterSome Apache lived in tepees. A tepee is a frame of wood poles that are tied on top form a cone, the tepees frame is covered with animal hides. Other Apaches lived in wickiups. A wickiup is a dome made out of thin sticks bent over to make the dome, it is covered with grass and/or leaves.


ClothingMen wore a loincloth that hung from the waist to the knees. Women wore buckskin skirts or dresses. Both genders wore knee-high moccasins with hard soles. The toes of the moccsins curled upward.

LocationArizaon, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

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FoodThe Apache hunted deer, rabbits, elk, and other animals. The Apache who lived on the plain hunted buffalo.


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