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The APA formatting and style guide is used to create a consistent format for research papers and to avoid plagiarism. APA is traditionally used in master degree programs and social science papers. This is the format and style that you will be required to use in your senior projects.

APA Formatting

For Your Research Papers and Projects

Be a Responsible Researcher

Easy Bibliography Maker


1) Go to BibMe bibliography maker. www.bibme.org 2) Register for your own account (upper right hand corner of the site).3)Create your ciation by choosing the source and entry type: automatic or manual.4) Fill in the required information. If you use the auto-fill mode, make sure that you add in any missing information, such as author's name, publisher and date published.5) Click add to bibliography, and the source information will show up in a small window on the right. 6)Select the correct format:APA. 7) Don't forget to save the citation to your account.8) You will be able to upload all of your APA formatted citations to word, and add to your the reference page or your research paper.

Why use APA?

Website Reliability Checklist Link

Owl At Purdue: An APA Resource

APA Formatted DocumentTemplate (click on the paperclip)

Check out this Prezi for more info. on APA

A couple of great links!


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