AP English III Summer Reading

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AP English III Summer Reading

Maintain dialectical notes in the categories of: plot, character, and devices for each book in your pairing. You will need ten dialecticals from each book in each category. This means you will submit 60 dialecticals total, 30 from the fiction piece, 30 from the non-fiction piece.

Welcome to AP English III with Mrs. E!Use this glog to help you complete your summer reading assignment. Summer reading work is DUE the first day of school (8/22)! You may submit it early for a bonus five points via e-mail or in person at open house !

Lost your assignment already?

Using your dialectical entries as evidentiary support, write an essay in which you compare/contrast the two pieces you read. Just as every batter has a batting stance, so should your essay convey a strong stance or point of view on the literature pieces you read. You may choose to focus on plot structure, character progression, literary devices, writing style, time periods, cultural aspects, themes, or any combination or addition you deem appropriate.

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Select a bat (reading pair)

Run the bases (dialecticals)




Write a homerun essay

Your essay should not exceed three pages typed double-spaced in 12 point font Times New Roman, nor should it be less than two pages.

Since you are citing works not written by you, be sure you attach a works cited in proper MLA format to your essay.

Body paragraphs in an analytical essay always contain concrete details of evidentiary suppart with insightful commentary (No color coding required).

A well written analytical essay contains a strong and clear thesis statement introduced in the first paragraph and insightfully revisted in the conlcusion.


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