Anzac Day - a teaching resource for Year 3

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Anzac Day - a teaching resource for Year 3

...lest we forget.April 25


A bit about Anzac Day...

Where is Gallipoli?

A closer look....

(National Archives UK, n.d.)

("The Gallipoli peninsula," n.d.)

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The mission in Gallipoli....

(Reid, 2012)

(Reid, 2012)

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The ANZAC spirit"... the way those Australians and New Zealanders fought, and the way they faced the hardships and dangers" is an example of what the ANZAC spirit is.(The Australian Army, n.d.)

There were many heroes...

... one was Simpson and his donkey.

(Australian War Memorial,1915)

Anzac Day "marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War."The 25th of April is the date Australian and New Zealand forces landed on the shores of Gallipoli. After an 8 month battle, the "ANZAC's" retreated with over 8000 Australian soldiers killed in battle.Anzac Day is a day to remember those that have fought for Australia and New Zealand and lost their lives at not only Gallipoli, but all battles.

("The Anzac Day tradition," 2016)

... was for soldiers to land at what is now called "Anzac Cove" and make it as far inland as possible.

(National War Memorial, 1915)

...were the large number of enemy troops ready to attack once they landed on shore - these troops fired upon the boats as they were arriving. The Allies faced fierce battles and an uphill terrain that was hard to navigate. This first challenge was named the "Battle of the Landing" and lasted almost 10 ten days.

(Reid, 2012)

The challenge the soldiers faced....

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(Australian War Memorial,1915)




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