Any Time is Tee Time

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Any Time is Tee Time

Subject: Arthur BurkeAngle: Golf and how it impacts his life. t’s a bright, sunny day in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida. Arthur Burke leaves his house to go play a game of golf with his friends. He concentrates on the ball and takes a practice swing. Then, he takes an actual swing. CLICK! The golf club hits the ball. A great shot! As Burke watches the ball fly through the air like a bird, he realizes that golf what he loves, and this is where he belongs. Burke loves to play golf. It is his favorite sport. He always has a great time golfing. “Whether I’m playing with my friends, or my wife, we always have so much fun,” he says. He also loves playing golf with his family, especially his grandkids. “I love to teach my grandkids to play golf,” Burke says. “It’s so fun and exciting to see how happy they get when they make a great shot.”Burke shares his love for golf with his wife, Dorothy Burke. Burke and his wife met at their gold club. “I would always hear people talking about this Dorothy lady! I was dying to meet her. I’d always hear how good she was at golfing. So, one day, my buddy Frank introduced me to her. It was love at first sight. We played a game of golf and guess what? She beat me!” They dated for a couple years after that and then they got married. Burke’s favorite room in his house is the golf room. It is like a living room. However, people never call it the living room, den, or office. Everyone calls it the “golf room.” It has everything golf! Burke collects all these items. You can find anything from a golf phone, to golf pictures, to golf clubs (which is Burke’s favorite collectable item). Golfing is Burke’s passion. He golfs on “any day that ends with y” as a pillow in his house says. Golfing makes Burke feel happy. No one loves the game more than him. If you ask Burke, “What do you love to do?” he will say “Golf!”


“Whether I’m playing with my friends, or my wife, we always have so much fun,”

Any Time is Tee Time!

Arthur Burke finds hapiness in golfing

Artie and his grandaughter Callie

Photo Credit :The Florida Club in Stuart Florida

Artie and His wife share a passion for golf


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