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Anwar El-Sadat

Anwar El-Sadat was born into a family of 13. His full name is Muhammad Anwar El-Sadat. He was born in Mit Ab al-Kawm, Al-Minufyyah governorate, Egypt, tha tis a really protracted name. He lived in Egypt under British control. His dad was a helper for the doctors who fetched medicine for the soldiers. Anwar finished grade school, however he lived in Egypt so not a lot of people knew about their schooling. When he was older he became the vice president of Egypt in 1964-1970. Then he became president in 1970-1981. when he became president he decided to break away from Nasser both in domestic and forgein policies. Anwar acheivements were he became vice president of Egypt. When the first president of Egypt died during his term, so he became president from 1970-1981. In 1978 he commisioned the Nobel Peace Prize with Israel for establishing a peace treaty.

Fun Facts

Dec. 25, 1918- Anwar was born.1942 - Was arrested1944 - Escaped from jail.1946 - Arrested again1948 - Realeased from jail1964 - Became Vice President of Egypt.1970- Became President of Egypt.Oct. 6, 1981- Died in Cairo, Egypt

He was Vice President of Egypt.He was President of Egypt.He was arrested 2 times.He escaped from jail once.He was born into a family of 13 kids.He shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Israel.

Lasting Impact

Anwar was the one-time president of Egypt. (1970-1981) Who shared the Noble Peace Prize of 1978 with Israel for establishing a peace treaty.


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Anwar El-Sadat


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