[2014] NIk Good: Anubis - God of the Underworld

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[2014] NIk Good: Anubis - God of the Underworld

AnubisGod of the Underworld

Citations"Gods of Ancient Egypt: Anubis." Gods of Ancient Egypt: Anubis. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2014.

Anubis is one of the most interesting gods in Egyptian History. Anubis did not always have the name Anubis until the Greeks gave it to him. He was known by the Ancient Egyptians by the Ancient Egyptians as Anpu or Inpu. He was known as the protector or the gaurdian of the dead, but originally he was the god of the Underworld. Later though he was used in embalming processes and funeral rites.

Now a fun fact about Anubis is that his Egyptian given name which was Anpu or Inpu is actually the root word for a royal child whis is "inpu". Though the name is actually closely similiar to word "imp" which means to decay. Now his name is belived to have changed slightly when he became known as the son of Osiris. His name was believed to have changed to Imy-ut (which means he who is in place of embalming) nup-tA-djser (which means lord of the sacred land).

Pics of Anubis

Pics of Anubis


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