[2013] ign ber (Block 2): Anubis

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[2013] ign ber (Block 2): Anubis

Anubis watches over the mummification process to make sure it was done correctly.Anubis places the heart on the scales of justice during the judging the heart.Anubis feeds the souls of bad people to Ammit.Anubis would hold the scale where the heart would be weighed.

Other things about Anubis

Anubis is the god of the underworld. He was once the god of the dead but Osiris took that postition so he ended up becoming the god of the underworld.

Who was he related to?Anubis was the son of Nephthys and Set or Osiris.Why was he important?Anubis was important because he played a really big roll in the process of sending people to the after life.What I enjoyed.I enjoyed learning about all the important things Anubis did during the process of sending people to the after life.

How he looked like

Anubis looked like a man with the head of a jackal. Since Jackals apeared in cementerys alot people believed that Anubis watched over the dead.


Important job

What he was the god of

Epic Anibis Vid


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