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ANTpM Poster B4F14

Program InformationGoals: ~Promote Bilingalism and Biliteracy in English as well as a second language~Appreciation for cultural diversityImpact of Policies on Instructional Practices: ~Prop 227 (1998): Limited number of Bilingual Programs in CA; required Limited English Proficient students to attend special classes almost entirely in English; promoted idea of Assimilation over MulticulturalismSocial Aspects: ~Lower-income families of students who do not speak any English have trouble paying for a dual-language program, are unaware that the option for such a program even exists, or are afraid to ask/request that their child be included in one~Supporters say that the programs will increase inclusion of non-native-English speakers and will help aid in cultural awareness and acceptance of non-traditional-American cultures

Dual Language or Two-Way Immersion

English Language Program Models

Pros and Cons

Language Acquisition Theoriesand Educational Strategies


~SDAIE/T~Sheltering~Scaffolding~Thematic Planning~Student-Centered~Communicative and Natural Approach~Cooperative Learning


90/10 Program .K - 90/10 3rd - 60/401st - 80/20 4th -50/50 2nd - 70/30 5th - 50/50

Pros: ~Allows students to be immersed in another language for at least part of their school day~Gives families the option for either a 50/50 program or a 90/10 program depending on the offerings available by the school~Strong skills and proficiency in L1 and L2Cons: ~High popularity but high costs lImits availability to low-income families who might have a true need for the program (high-income families can afford the program, limiting space for children requiring aid)










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