Antonio Vivaldi

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Antonio Vivaldi

Vivalid's Life and Music

Antonio Vivaldi

Vivaldi was born on March 4th, 1678, in Venice, Italy

Vivaldi was ordained a priest in 1703, though he quickly ceased delivering mass.

Vivaldi wrote music in the Baroque Period.

Vivaldi had (and died from)asthmatic bronchitis.

Vivaldi was often called "il Prete Rosso" (the Red Priest) because of his red hair.

Vivaldi's works influenced Johann Sebastian Bach.

Became a violin teacher in 1703 at the Venetian Ospedale della Pieta(Devout Hospital of Mercy)

One of Vivaldi's most famous works is "The Four Seasons", four violin concertos.

Peformed for the pope once in his mid-adult life

Vivaldi was Italian.

Vivaldi is known for his operas. (Including Agrippo)

Vivali died in Vienna, Austria, on July 28th, 1741, from asthmatic bronchitis

Vivaldi also wrote "Gloria in D Major" and many works resembling five-finger student excersizes.

Vivaldi never married, though lived with attractive singer, Anna Giraud, for a long period of time.

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