Antonio Stradivari and His Remarkable Violins

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Antonio Stradivari and His Remarkable Violins

In Cremona, Italy, there is a violin muesum called Museo del Violino. A whole entire section of the museum is dedicated to Antonio Stradivari's violins. Below is a picture of a Stradivarius violin in the museum.

Mini Biography of AntonioAntonio Stradivari was a famous violin maker who lived in Cremona, Italy. He was born in 1644 and died in 1737. His craft of violins made the sound of violins like none other. In his early life, he started out as an apprentice for Nicolò Amati. Once he was done with his apprenticeship at the age of 14, he then started making instruments at the age of 16.

Stradivaruis ViolinsAntonio Stradivari made 1,000 to 1,100 instruments in his life time. Stradivari made his best violins during 1700-1725. 650 Stradivarius violins exist intact today. Two of his most famous violins are the 1715 Lipinsiki and the 1716 Messiah.

Antonio Stradivari and His Remarkable Violins

There are still many Stradivarius violins intact that still can be played today. Even Yo-Yo Ma uses a Stradivarius cello!

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