Antonio Meucci By:Antonio

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Inventors and Inventions

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Antonio Meucci By:Antonio

Antonio MeucciBy:Antonio M-M

In 1849, Antonio Meucci worked on an invention called the talking telegraph.

In 1874, Antonio Meucci found a way to refine crude oil.

In 1835, Antonio found a way to purify drinking water for the city of Havana.

As well as inventing the first telephone, he also invented a diving waterproof version of the telephone.

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I was born in 1808 in thecountry of ItalyThen passed away in 1889

While inventing the telephone, he went bankrupt and had to relyon an investor.

Miucci went through 9 years of legal battles with Bell Telephone. The case was finally dropped without being resolved.



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