Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

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Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi by: Izzy Odegard

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi lived between 1678-1741 in Venice, Italy and died in Vienna Austria. his parents were Camilla Calicchio and Giovanni Vivaldi. His father was his teacher for most of his life. He was ordained a priest in 1703, according to his account. it was told he sometimes left the altar in order to quickly jot down a musical idea in the sacristry. It was a possibility that he was stimulating an illness which was pointed to Angina Pectoris, Asthmatic Bronchitis, or a Nervous Disorder.

Musical Career

His first known public appearance was alonside his father. he was known for Concertos in Baroque Styles Operas. He wrote music for operas, solo instruments, and small ensembles. His work was in the Baroque Era (1600-1750). Commom instruments used than were the Harpsichord, Organ, String Instruments(mainly the Violin). In the Baroque Era, the violin became more popular and our song is played by the Violin. he wrote music for the Violin in Operas, Small Ensembles, and Solos.

His song Spring 4 Seasons was inspired my an artist Marco Ricci and his painting of each season. He tended to use a nickname instead of numbers for ease. Most of his music is heard/played by Violin or in a Orchestra. 4 Seasons is featured in the movie "4(2007)". My first impression of this song was dramatic because some parts were intense with banging of the keys.

Baroque Period. This era focussing on mathematical structure of pieces. This music is exuberant, techinical sounded, more elaborate, and more ornamental than the Renaissance. A popular artist was Johann Sebastion Bach and his song Canon in D.


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