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Planets & Astronomy

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Antonio Jimenez


What is a planet?

By: Antonio Jimenez

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What are the planets order?

Astronomers-person who carries out design machines and answer test Telescope Space craft

only 3 planets were discoverd Uranus-sir william 1781Neptune-Couch Adams 1781Pluto-Clyde Tombaugh 1390

How did the planets get there names?

Who discovered the planets?

Venus-godess of love Earth-roman greek godMars-god of war Neptune-Lord of seaMercury-god of travelPluto-Lord of underwater Jupiter- chief roman god Satern-god of argricultureUranus-god of sky

109 Earths=1 Sun4 Earths=1 Uranus9 1/2 Earths=1 SaternAlmost 2 Earths=MarsEarth=Venus about same size2 1/2 Mercury= Earths5 1/2 Plutos=1 Earth

How big is Earth compared to other planets?

How hot is the suns surface?A.2500 degrees 35%B.6000 degrees 19%C.8000 degrees 27%D.600 degrees 15%

Who discoverd the planets?



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