[2015] stephen brooks: Antoni Gaudi

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[2015] stephen brooks: Antoni Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi

Family Antoni Gaudi was born June 25, 1852, in Reus Spain And died at June 10, 1926 in barcelona spain he had four brothers and sistershe traveled to europe\something he said:My good friends are dead; I have no family and no clients, no fortune nor anything. Now I can dedicate myself entirely to the Church life: audí's professional life was distinctive in that he never ceased to investigate mechanical building structures. His mother died on : september 8 1876 at the age 57. His brother died at the age of 25 on July 1 1876

About Antoni Gaudi Gaudi worked for his construction professor Leandre Serrallach I was on designs for the Villa Arcadia at the foot of Montjuic, which was never built. He also collaborated with the company in charge of bringing the tramway to the area.While studying architecture Gaudí collaborated with some of his teachers, receiving his earliest commissions. He also often visited the workshops of cabinetmaker Eudald Puntí and sculptor Llorenç Matamala, in Carrer de la Cendra in Barcelona. The two artists, who would later become Gaudí’s loyal collaborators, taught him the secrets of the applied arts in architecture.Gaudí’s mother Antònia Cornet i Bertran died in Reus. Shortly afterwards his father, Francesc Gaudí i Serra, closed his business and went to live with his son in Barcelona.

Your text hereof Scientific Excursions to Vilafranca del Penedès and Olesa de Bonesvalls He was a very good painter He built building and had very good art work cause it show you lots of thing. it's a picture of a place that he built . His most of his family died around the same time. His mother and brother died around the same mouth a.

Your text hereGaudí completed his architecture degree. On signing the certificate, which Gaudí did not receive until April 1879, the director of the School of Architecture, Elies Rogent, declared: “We have given this degree to a madman or a genius; only time will tell”.Gaudí travelled to Granollers (Vallès Oriental) to advise on the restoration of the Church of Saint Stephen.Gaudí took part in the excursion of the Catalan Association

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