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Anton Webern Project

Anton Webern was born on December 3, 1883 in Vienna Austria. The musical era Anton lived in is Renaissance Baroque Classical Romantic (impressionism. He didn’t travel anywhere in his lifetime except possibly to see his children. Sadly, Webern died on September 15, 1945 in Mittersill (near Salzburg, Austria. Another sad thing is that he died because of a soldier. A soldier in the US forces accidentally shot and killed him.


He came involved in music from his mother. His mother taught him how to play piano. Anton Webern played piano and cello. There is a long complicated way that he learned to play the instruments. First his mother taught him how to play piano, then someone named Edwin Komaver taught him how to play piano even better than he already was. After that Anton went to the University of Vienna, and lastly,Arnold Schoenberg taught him for 4 years.

A significant world event that was going on during his lifetime was World War l. Some non-music facts about him is that he was in the army for a year during World War l but was discharged because of his bad eyesight. He also married his own cousin. These are a few interesting things about the fantastic composer, Anton Webern.

The name of one song that Webern wrote was called the Five Pieces for Orchestra Op. 10.The genre type is symphoney. I5t was written in 1911-1913. Most pieces last two minutes but his was twice as long.The pitch of the main theme was a very high pitched noise and it happened around two or three times. The instruments used for this were the flute, oboe, E flat clarinet, bass clarinet, horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion, mandolin, guitar, celesta, harp, violin, harmonium, viola, cello and the bass. Some interesting facts about the music is that he used something called Klangfarbenmelodie which is a musical technique where you split a musical line or melody between several instruments.Anton Webern is also one of the best exponents of the “twelve-tone technique”.

Anton Webern wrote two compositions. He wrote The compositions that he played were symphoney and Passacaglia. Anton Webern didn’t work for anybody in his career except for himself.

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