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Anton van Leeuwenhoek

The Knowledge ofthe Time

Antony van Leeuwenhoek

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Born - October 24, 1632Died - August 30, 1732

There wasn't much durning Antony's time. The magnifying glasses though could only magnify up to 30 times the original size. There wasn't much info either on microbilogy.

Antony created many microscopes that could magnify an object up to 200 times the original size. He used those to examine cliffs and hair, but he also used them to discover bactiria and other microorganisms

Antony grew up in Delft with little education. He was sent to be a drapers aprectence insted of real school. He returned home and got a job as a drapper or a fabric merchant. He married Barbra de Mey who had five kids. She died and he remarried and the new wife had one child. After a few years he began making microscopes and using them. He also began to work with the Royal Society. He sent them 26 of his microscopes he made from silver. Other than those he also had 247 finished microscopes. He made the first ones with the ability of magnifying 200 times the original size.

His NewIdea


People were thrilled with the information he had found. Some sent letters the the Royal Society of London who collected and stored all of the information he obtained. They also stored a few of the many microscopes he made.


He found many micro organisms that we now know how to treat and control. He set a basis for others to contuinue reserching. We also use many of his descriptions of them today in our reaserch. We also use a magnifying lens based on the ones he made. Without the information he found we would not know about the smaller things that make up the world we live in.


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