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The cure to cancer is always talked about as if it will never happen. However, what if there has been one for 45 years and everyone has just been ignoring it?

In 1967, Stanislaw Burzynski, found natural peptides in the human body. They were named antineoplastons. Dr. Burzynski began studies and research about these peptides. He began his own clinic in 1977. At first he extracted the antineoplastons from human blood and urine. However, now they are man-made. Burzynski began treating patients with a variety of cancers. In the year 1984, Dr. Burzynski created the Burzynski Research Institute.

The Start Of Antineoplastons

You may have heard of a number of cancer treatments. One of the most popular treatments is chemotherapy. Or as I and the Romanian man in the video to the right like to call it... killemtherapy. Chemotherpy, chemo for short, stunts the growth of the cancer cells. However, the chemo chemicals reach all parts of the body, thus hurting other cells you need such as those in the bone marrow. Chemotherapy causes those who use it to lose their hair. With antineoplastons, you don't lose your hair. Chemotherapy can cause leukemia, vomitting, anemia, fatigue, and many other harmful side effects. Antineoplastons have hurt none of those that have used it.Chemo kills the lining of the intestines. This causes the user to not be able to soak in as many nutrients. Chemo also kills the amount of white blood cells. This can cause the human body to get an infection or another disease. Chemo's origin came from WWI from the mustard gases used to KILL THE ENEMY!!!!!


How to get Antineoplastons and why?!?

Antineoplastons have no bad effect on people because YOU already have them in you. That is why we don't all get cancer. I would explain them almost like antibodies that fight viruses. Antineoplaston Therapy can be done at Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas.


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