Antilopine Kangaroo

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Antilopine Kangaroo


Reproduction*females can reproduce when they are 16 months old*they reproduce during the rainy season*the gestation period is 35 days*the joey stays in the pounch for about 270 days after it is born

Habitat and Diet*habitat: woodlands and open grassland*their diet is mostly made up of grasses, leaves, flowers, and ferns*they are herbivores

Basic Information*scientific name: Macropus antilopinus*weight: about 110 lbs.*size: 5.5 ft long*average lifespan: 10 years

Facts*Antilpine Kangaroos are the smallest out of all the kangaroo species*they are also one of the fastest kangaroos*these kangaroos are also known as the Anilopine Walaroo

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