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By: Savannah Greaney

This is a picture of the battle happening. It was apart of the civil war, Northern USA against Southern USA

The battle of Antietam happened in Sharpsburg, Maryland, on September 17, 1862. It was one of the bloodiest one-day battles in history. It was apart of the civil war, North vs. South. This battle was one of the many fights for freedom. But it devestated many more.

This picture shows General Mcclellan at the battle of Antietam. He was a major general during the civil war. Which includes the battle of Antietam

General George Mcclellan started the battle of Antietam. He mounted several of attacks of powerful assaults against Robert Lee's forces. Robert Lee was also a general for the civil war.

This a picture of after the battle. There were many dead soldiers so they laid them in what they called "bloody lane"

There were 3 attempts at victory in the battle of antietam. George Mcclellan failed at overthrowing Robert Lee's troops but the battle ended in a draw. About 20,000 americans were either dead, wounded, or missing after battle. It continues to devestate many people today.

This was a very important battle in the civil war. It gave Abraham Lincoln the victory he desired to create the Emancipation Proclamation. This document stated that all slaves shall be free.

This picture shows Abraham Lincoln at the battle sight when it was over

This is a picture of the battle sight today. There are many statues for the fallen generals.


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